Thursday, December 8, 2011

Action speak louder than words.

Action speak louder than words.

Catch me out from the darkness, give me sunshine and fresh air....

Monday, February 21, 2011

Away real soon

Hard to describe the tiredness feeling right now, I just wanna get everything done before I'm away. Kick off of all the phone calls and go for a holiday.

Implement more info to my lovely blog after my trip with the latest update background.

Stay tuned. Heart*

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry X'mas & Happy New Year

It's another year past, new mission, new goal is listed in my wish list. Let's break through it and i'm here to wish all of my family, friends and readers have a blissful coming new year!

XOXO, Tine

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Here to announced that i had made a final decision to shut down my Xanga blog page yesterday after think twice, everything gonna move on my journey through

A little update of myself, i got a NEW BB (BLACK BERRY) from my dearest Darling and still in the progress of exploring and really do having fun of it because it's can claimed that BB is user friendly. It's proven by me who's a phone and computer dum dum. Thank you BiBi =) Credit to U..

Guess what, i still crazy going of sales recently and money out life water flow.... but it's fun, this is WOMAN NATURE !!!!! Shopping till the max.......

Have a great weekend ahead people !

Love, Tine

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lost track on my blog page !!!!

It's seem it been a while i didn't do things like sitting at the couch, placed my DELL lappy on my lap and start blogging, i missed all the great time and i really do missing that. And now obviously i lost track on my blog page, with only produced one thread on June and July got NON. Aishhh..... How sad.

My life is full of beauty and challenging, noticed it...i have everything right now, and gonna hold it as tight as i can till the last breath. Well there is still not enough as i know nothing is prefect, but we are keep trying to do the alteration and modified. Always do value life, and there come worthy...this is what i keep remind myself for the 20 plus years.

Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

But well now i'm having a freaking F* pain in my mouth as my braces is killing me once again. Metal loose!!! Metal drop!!! Lucky i didn't get the chance to swollen, if not i will get up with my ass and do something with that. I feel so depressed by having it now because i choose the terrible dental where i got the higher charge and low service. Oh yea, i'm wondering wanna give him a kick and try out others recommended dentist to continue my current case as i think there is another few months to complete it. Should I? I think i should right....lolx

Ok, lets make a DOT here. Continue and will update soon with some good news =). Back to work. Tata people.

Love, TINE

Thursday, June 17, 2010

1998 Years Graduation

It's been ages and finally pop-out with all the friends networking through Facebook, one by one and we managed to gather almost half of the classmates, and they are my primary classmates. It's kinda surprise that all of us could meet back after 12 years and everyone looks great !!!!
A faith to meeting up on the first day of World Cup where it's a remembrance of Africa vs. Mexico, Second round heading for K-session at Neway....
Day turn so young and energetic....
Awesome night with everyones and glad there is where the freindship growth and stay.
Facebook connecting people

Friday, May 28, 2010

Convocation Day and Tamarind Spring

Feeling pampered after a holy tears dropping down . . . I believe there is no perfection and purity of a human being, this is because i got all them in my life. This is not a calling of STOP, then they will shut up and leave. Just wondering how and possbile to adjust and remote the characteristic and attitude of a human being when they are not work right. hehehe..... Just click !!!

Therefore, I'm sure i'm not a superwoman who need love and care at the same time. I always describe woman as a tortise either a turtle. Lets try make some thinking of a tortise, what is the purpose of having a hard shell at the external? And why not internal, plus why they plunge underneath the shell when they need protection? Simple as they are actually tiny small and soft in the internal thought they looks great and tough with the hard nice shell from outlook. They only have a fabulous strong pysically but mentally is still a pamper and squishy. So guy please pay more attention to you woman and giving lots of love to her =)

P/S : Appreciation to my man. Am i the happiness woman right now? Yes, i guess. I received all the best treatment and pamperation from him, happiness without any sugar. I'm glad that you always be next to me, caring me, show the love and temptation of romance to me. I'm feel grateful and cheerful with you exist. Looking for more and Walking for the long path together. Love u Baby !

It's her convocation graduation big day !!!! Congratulation.

I love Daisy, especially the white one =) Pureness to the max !!!!


He drawn to me with some left over blueberry jam and source after his beefball meal =)
This picture looks extremly artistry after my art edition. lolx
Superman who wear his underwear IN.

The dramastic between 1 man 3 girls !
His is my hard shell and i love live with it !
Happy Birthday to Angel !!!
A birthday celebation at Tamarind Spring for lunch with a gang of 9 angels and Zero guy. It's been a while we didn't meet up, everyone seem talking about the marraige life. The proposal and planning of a wonderful wedding is our main discussion topic of the day after the birthday announced that she is getting engaged next year and marry after 2 years !!!!
Congratulation in advance babe !!!
The Signage pole is guide us to the area where we booked for dining.
Mei and Moi

The tropical pathway is to another section for different cuisine, there provided Italian and Indo china food at level of dining .

It's a costly dining area as i can say, we pay for the environment and services.
Tamarind Springs is best described as ‘an immediately accessible respite to restore soul into your exhausted self’. Only a 15-minute drive from town, disembark upon nature’s gateway into a visual and sensory feast. Having won many industry accolades and topped many gastronomes’ scoreboards, Tamarind Springs is also renowned for its lush sensuous appeal.

Log in and Go

Love, Tine

Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend task

What is better than having a great morning chocolate melting pot with marshmallow and big breakfast with all my babes?

The life is amazing by having a fresh breath and meeting up angels for a bright day meanwhile shopping is at the top of the list and gossiping and chatting come next. So let us step into Bangsar for door to door, floor to floor shopping spread !!!!

Breakfast at Delicious Bangsar village Me and Jennie darling
New calling by Jen- Chrissy and Juiccy

Great time -
Back to Pizza time!!!!
A trip down for work and chilling then gonna be Ney and Me.
My buddy =)My baby =)
The night is lilttle disappointed but well Awesome weekend with all my love one.

Love, Tine

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Human sickness

Greeting everyone !!!

Recently i had found out something very interesting about human behavior, human's talk, human's movement and of course how human live for life.

At very first sight, looking at the mirror and i realised it happen on me. through myself. I always believe that human is been influence through environment and among the circle of friends.

Newly, my colleagues just pointed out this issue to me. He told me that now i'm acting like my Bossy with the kind of talking especially some specific daily phrase from him. Oh gosh, it's happen without me myself notice. Therefore, I did some thinking on some others peoples who can influence me indirectly...TADA..... It's Dan !!!! And i do realised that he do being a copy Meow, and repeat my favorite phrase sometime. Catch U !!! Got Cha !!!

My bossy favorite phrase :
1. Sou-Desk-Kah (Japanese)
3.Thank you
4.U will ask me WHY, ok....bla bla bla (after he explain and talk alot about the design)

So guys, look at the mirror now and check it out whether you your or your close friends have this sickness where it's happen to most of the humans, this is because this is NORMAL.... hahahaha.

Love, Tine

Thursday, April 22, 2010


The Grand Opening party of MOVIDA @GIZA SUNWAY. This is the new bar aka club where spotted in the new mall, besides having alcohol drink, they do serve nice Italian food. U can dine -in there !!!!!

Ok, we enter with the VIP PASSES from them....Invited !
The crowds was mad, it was really packed like sardine.
Tine and Dan

Cool look
The ladies
It's a free flow of beer and foods.

Happy 3rd month Anni !!!!!!
He brought me to a new hangout place and where we got all the free VIP passes.

We do enjoyed alcohol and foods.
Big food portion with a reasonable price

Kilkenny taste smooth, whats a name...lolx


My smartie Dan

I always believe the moments where spend together- gather with family and love one is much loving and hilarious.
Do it more peeps !!!!

H.A.P.P.Y B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y G.I.R.L. !!!!!

We trying some NEW, .... Las Carrestas, a Mexican restaurant where do serve nice food and they popular with their Margarita.

Number plate as wall decoration

Love birds

Cheers baby

Dan : Next time no beef in the house !!!!

We love foods
My 2010 is full of excimentment and joyful after Dan joining my circle of friends and family, he bring us cheerful moments expecially where he taught me lots of stuff (knowledge, life, banking financial and etc etc....
Well, i'm not here to praise him, but to share our story and chapter here.
*I'm mad at you, but my soul is deep loving you every second*